The Gift of Counselling…

“The question is not why are you so infrequently the person you really want to be. The question is why do you so infrequently want to be the person you really are?”

As an HPCSA Psychological Registered Counselor, I have an integrative and holistic approach to healing, acknowledging the mind-body connection. I endeavour to access the root cause of problems and make use of various therapeutic techniques as is necessary in order to facilitate the client into healing a variety of emotional and psychological disorders and distress. Our true nature as human beings is compassionate, and this essential nature makes you capable of being intimately and fully present. Who you are really is enough. Believing you are enough is hard…but personal and emotional development can not be forced or fast-tracked. The harder you are on yourself, will not make the world an easier place… It is my hope that the gift of counseling will sooth the fear in your heart and teach you how to embrace all of who you are, loving yourself and learning how to treat yourself, like someone you are responsible to help. Our relationship with others, initially starts with ourself.

We are all patients at some stage in life- the word patient in Latin means “the one who suffers or endures.” Therapy is not for the weak but for the courageous who choose to endure! It’s for the ones, who dare to open up “completely” while a compassionate other witness their process, with no judgment and unconditional positive regard. It is about learning to distinguish what is yours to change and what not…it’s learning ways to accept what need to be accepted and learning to live with it, in a healthy way. Therapy is an adventure of learning how wonderfully you are created…in my experience its about learning to love and tolerate your own imperfections and becoming comfortable with the internal conflict it creates…

A clear definition…

Emotional Intelligence – “the ability to perceive accurately, appraise and express emotion; the ability to access and/or generate feelings when they facilitate thought; the ability to understand emotion and emotional knowledge; and the ability to regulate emotions to promote emotional and intellectual growth.” – Mayer and Salovey (1997)


What is Emotional Intelligence?

An Emotional Intelligent person has the capacity to be flexible with their emotional functioning. This involves managing personal emotions and those of others, and utilizing emotions to form perceptions  within one’s thinking and understanding. Researchers echo that emotional intelligence is the capability to monitor and differentiate between one’s own  feelings and those of others, and then to  apply this information to direct one’s thinking and behaviour, and to navigate the social context. This definition was delegated into four diverse yet related competencies that form the building blocks for emotional intelligence, namely emotional awareness, personal-motivation, emotional conception and emotional regulation (see YouTube video’s for practical clarification).

The heart and the head have a special relationship. Who do you listen to most? Are you a thinker or feeler, perhaps both? “Educating the mind, without educating the heart is no education at all.”

This mental ability prevents individuals from being overwhelmed and behaving in a way that is emotionally driven and difficult for those on the receiving end of this behaviour. Individuals with high EQ think rationally about their emotions, leading to more adaptable behaviour . Such individuals with high ratings of EQ tend to realise their potential and become involved in pursuits that lead to meaningful, rich experiences and have a buffer against mental illness.

Some of us has the sufficient head knowledge, but not the heart knowledge to handle a specific situation, or the other way around. Your relationship with yourself is an important relationship which is the driving force for all the relationships outside you. Emotions at work aims to equip people to put their emotions to work – balancing the head and the heart to navigate the social context.


Emotions at Work during the COVID- 19 Pandemic

Operating fully online via Skype, Zoom and other platforms. Face to face counselling in Plumstead will resume early June. “Let us journey through unstable times with internal ability”. The journey of life requires solid internal resources, forgiveness and the ability to bounce back. Reach out… 071 214 5661

Stop the waiting…

Do not occupy yourself with waiting, waiting for the new normal, waiting for social interaction, waiting to feel better, waiting to engage with purpose and passion again. NO, pull yourself towards yourself- give yourself some tough love until you are strong, until you can feel that heart beat in your quiet space- welcome and wipe …


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