Who and I…?

I am a compassionate registered counselor, who understands that one of the most difficult and longest journeys in life, is from the head to the heart. The journey into the heart is the future and our only way to create the future. I am an experienced trauma counsellor and in my practice, I work from an integrative holistic approach: mind, body and spirit (I call it the mystery).

I have a person- centered approach, am trained in Brainspotting (trauma reprocessing), solution focused, IMAGO couples counselling techniques, EQ development etc and ready to gently journey with you to wholeness and wholehearted living. Bon Voyage!I am well read, researched and practiced in integrative holistic health. I offer you a safe space, a secure base to share and experience care. My hope is that our counseling relationship will unlock you and help you to break out of patterns that keep you stuck in destructive stagnant behavior and relationships.

Your “story” is important for your healing…It is my hope for you to feel supported when working through the tough stuff, to become a truer version of yourself.

To learn and understand the unique way, your brain is wired and learn to constructively work with it and reach your optimal potential: relationally, professionally, spiritually, financially and emotionally

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