About me…

I am Johrine Cronjé, registered with the Professional Board for Psychology of the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) under the category of a registered counsellor. In my practice I aim to meet the needs of the South African population (all cultures, beliefs, religions, socio-economic class) at primary intervention level. My experience stresses from assisting children, by means of play, school based interventions on discipline, academic support, personalizing of study methods, substance abuse rehabilitation counselling, developmental counselling, existential counselling, adult couples counselling, trauma counselling, grief counselling and work with human traffic victims, workshop development and implementation, research in the field of education, business and psychology.

I started a YouTube channel (Emotions at Work) consisting of tips and tools for the everyday life, with relevant content, based on research on Emotional Intelligence. I takes on clients with my roots firmly established in research and is of opinion that deep emotional healing relies on the relationship between the client and counsellor.

I am a free thinker, an open-minded person and endeavour to create a safe therapeutic space by accepting each and every person for whom they are, and where they are “at”. To have a spiritual connection to life is of importance for me, as it allows me to make sense of the world and life as it unfolds. I respect and encourage my clients’ connection with the divine as an important part in their healing process.


MA Psychology – University of the Free State

B.Psych. Equivalent – Cornerstone Institude

BA Honours – University of South Africa

B.Soc.S.C. – University of the Free State