What to do with the feelings that come with internal conflict…

Internal conflict feels like your heart is being pulled in many different directions and you don’t know which is right for you, right now.

A tip:
1. Give yourself permission to be okey with not having it all figured out and allowing life to be a process.
2. Permission not to have e) and f) NOW as priority in this season.
3. Give yourself permission to be okey with only focusing on a), b) and c)
4. Try to be present and cultivate peace and contentment.
5. Do things that demand you to engage your senses and use your body #bodywork #sensoryhealing #anxiety #anxietyrelief

The power and purpose of patterns

You do not have to become that which you observe, you can observe the chaos, without reacting or becoming it. When you pause for a little while, you will loose the rhythm the pattern brings…the pause will move you away and allow perspective for you to see the pattern that kept you stuck in chaos…learning to employ your objective observer towards chaos is a powerful skill- when you pause you cease to see yourself as chaos and see chaos as merely a part of the anxious self and not the whole…you learn how to observe chaos, without becoming it…

Emotional Intelligence…

A process-oriented approach, with a focus will on the functional aspects of emotion integrated with cognition and behavior. Viewing emotions as the conductor of cognitive and physiological processes, adaptively motivating and directing human activity towards individual pursuits. Emotional Intelligence training equip individuals with a skillset containing a variety adaptive emotional abilities.

Patterns serve a purpose

Our childhood hurts make up our adult strength and patterns…they are weaved into every fiber of our being and are lived out behaviorally when triggered emotionally.

With patience, self love, compassion and mindful objectivity, we learn to recognize them…manage them and heal, through feeling all that which the triggers brings. Trusting that your are able to heal…when you learn to kneel and surrender to the ever present pain that enable you to relate to others and heal through others, you start getting your power back…you start changing the patterns.

The permission

We need to allow ourself permission, permission not to have what everyone else haves, or permission not to be where everyone else seems to be. Permission to accept the current reality without guilt or fear. Interesting, how we all tend to regress back to “child” when life gets tough, consciously/ unconsciously seeking affirmation, validation and permission to do what is right for us now.

Psychological Support Group

We need to hear eachothers stories to heal…we need space…space outside our lives where our “normal” is shared without judgement of self or others.

The mental health support group will:

1. Help you with acceptance

2. Raise your awareness

3. Learn tools on how to manage with the acceptance, awareness and triggers.

Every Friday at 18:00-19:00 in the Southern Suburbs in Cape Town.

Mental Health Support Group

The Mental Health Support Group digs deeps into living with anxiety and depression. We meet every Thursday evening at 18:00 in Cape Town.

We commit to recover together, giving eachother useful feedback and hold a space to heal through our stories. Contact 071 214 5661

Fully engaged in 2020

Hey there 2020! The decade of goodness is finally here and we engage in full force! At times it may be stressful and requires stress management. Hence, being flexible is of utmost importance.

The EQ-i 2.0 model of emotional intelligence defines flexibility: “as the ability to adapt emotions, thoughts and behaviors to unfamiliar, unpredictable and dynamic circumstances or ideas.”

The Dance…

What if there is no need to change, no need to transform yourself into someone who is more compassionate, more present, more loving?

What if the task is simply to unfold, to become who you are in your essential nature- gentle, compassionate and capable of living fully and passionately present?

What if you knew the impulse to move in a way that creates beauty in the world will arise deep from within and guide you every-time you simply pay attention to it?