Personal motivation: How to be the captain of your own ship

A ship without a captain and a sail will not be propelled into the ocean. We need personal motivation to stay curious and work with the forces in our environment.

Personal motivation is a character trait that enables us to use emotions to facilitate thinking.


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Stay connected for the next video on the empathetic response, it is the healing balm that we use in friendships to assist each other in healing. Empathy gives way to the feeling of feeling loved.

Emotional First Aid – Emotional Regulation

Physical injuries often bring a quick halt to our everyday rushing around. A body that is in serious danger demands urgent attention.

Yet emotional wounds are often ignored because we do not know how to recognise them or how to treat them in ourselves and others.

In this video we look at naming, managing and monitoring emotions to regain control of the forces within you that may lead to physical injury. Preventing and treating emotional injury is key to your mental health.

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Building self-awareness in the snow

It’s snow time! We spent some time in the Matroosberg mountains, and the beautiful surroundings made us think of the importance of the first building block of Emotional Intelligence (Self-awareness), so we made a video about it.

In this video we explore four ways to be more aware of and control your emotions. In our first video ( we looked at the importance of Emotional Intelligence in the South African context in the technogenic age.

Stay tuned for the next video where we discuss Emotional Regulation: taking that which you become aware of, harnassing emotions and putting them to work at work.

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Emotions as part of us

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