Individual Counselling

I am held accountable by the HPCSA (Health Professions Council of South Africa) for
ethical practice to ensure clients safety and my safety. According to meet your needs within my scope of practice, I would herewith like to draw a very basic flexible framework:

Together we embark on a confidential journey, starting with 4 to 12 sessions, depending on the need, content and intensity. The first session is an intake interview, I will ask a range of personal questions and medical history. You are welcome to give as much or as little information you feel comfortable with. After the fist session we plan the road ahead together.


Brainspotting , Solution Focused, Sand-tray Therapy, Tension and Trauma Relies Exercises from a somatic approach (mind-body), more.

Group Counselling

Tailored programs to meet your organisation/schools need. The programs assist with the holistic development of individuals with supportive individual counselling (if needed). Groups usually accommodate between 10 and 12 delegates to ensure everyone gets a turn to talk and to ensure that everyone feels heard and held.
Workshops can be accompanied with materials and hand outs for delegates (parents or teachers) to take home and engage with.E

  • Groups on family support and dynamics
  • Groups on identify formation (for girls and for boys) exploring and discovering the:
    “who am I and who do I want to be” question – mentoring group.
  • Group counselling for coping with substance abuse
  • Career assessments
  • Career guidance counselling – exploring opportunities within learner aptitude.
  • Anger management workshops/ group sessions
  • Leadership development programs – group session or workshop (for the bullies in the school to channel their explosive energy in a healthy and society
    contributing way)
  • Teacher training or workshops to help teachers gage where the learners are at and
    equip them with skills and tools to work with learners.
  • Teacher support and programs to assist with stress management, time management, personal development and educational skills to teach and accommodate the different ways children learn: auditory, systematic, visual, experiential etc.