Research Consulting

Research is of utmost importance to inform action, prove a theory and or contribute to developing knowledge in a specific field of study. Research ensure the validity and reliability of psychological assessments and assist counsellors, therapists and other professionals with evidence based practices. Research psychologists study human phenomena by means of conducting systemic studies for analysis of the experience of behaviours of individuals and groups.

My research experience stretch across different fields of study and is not limited to the following:

*Education: Open Distance learning, Open Distance e-learning, Pedagogy and Theoretical design.

*Psychology: Social Psychology (Emotional Intelligence, Resilience, Suicide prevention interventions, Aging Studies, Parenting programmes)

*Political and Business Sector: Market Research and Business Development Strategies, Governmental Surveys  

I am skilled in both Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methodologies and a variety of research designs. I have worked on various research projects responsible for parts of the research project.

My research experience and service include the following skills:

*Academic writing and supervision of research process

*Tutoring and lecturing of research methodology/ research thesis

*Quantitative and Qualitative data collection

*Development of valid and reliable quantitative questionnaires

*Creative and conducting qualitative interviews

*Accurate transcription of research interviews

*Field Work with vulnerable populations

*Data Analysis – Atlas-ti and SPSS

*Data interpretation

*Monitoring and Evaluation

*Much more

Previous work:

Mthente Research
and Consulting

Pele2 + Immergroen ouerskap
Clowns Without Boarders- South Africa
University of Cape Town

University of South Africa – UNISA
The Student Hub

Emotions At Work

Should you wish to make use of our research skills and expertise please contact us on or 071 214 5661